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Vizcom is hiring a Founding Machine Learning Engineer


We are building the next generation of creative tools for professional Artists and Designers.

We care about making designers feel a sense of authorship in their work and to maximize their sense of creative control when interacting with our ML models.

In the year since our inception, thousands of professional users from all over the industrial design industry have implemented us in their workflow (think Ford, Nike, Toyota, Adidas, and REI). we’ve raised funding from top-tier investors including Basis Set all with a team small enough to fit at a dinner table.

Our team consists of creative, open-minded, caring, and entrepreneurial individuals from all walks of life. We aspire to build incredible things which starts with building an incredible team, so we’d love to hear from you! 😄

What we're looking for

This role offers the unique opportunity to navigate the challenge of uniting professional artists and ML algorithms into the same creative loop.

We're trying to push the boundaries of generative networks through research. You will spend a lot of time developing and testing novel and experimental architectures that can be applied to creative tools


Experience working with Generative models or 3D Object Reconstruction.

Can read research papers, understand architectures and reproduce in code.

  • Helping us engineer creative new ways to maximize users’ enjoyment of interaction with AI models! 😊
  • Help us engineers ways to minimize the time users spend waiting for those interactions. 😕
  • PyTorch & PyTorch3D
  • MLOps (WandB, AWS, et cetera)

About Us

Vizcom is building the next generation of creative tools with Generative AI. Three of us live together in a house in Mountain View. Our fourth teammate lives in Europe. We’d be happy to have to you live anywhere. We’re a team very passionate about design and generative AI, and hope you are too.

Jordan leads our product vision as a former designer himself, but has a very thorough understanding of ML as well having worked at NVIDIA as a designer, and having had engineered the entire stack for our initial Pix2Pix model (back in 2021).

Matthew was the first teammate added as exclusively an ML Engineer. He makes open source contributions to Eleuther, and has been doing computer vision for AR applications as well as Generative AI demos (on StyleGAN) since 2019.

Matthew and Jordan are the two people are who you would be primarily working with on our ML stack, which is essentially the API for our web app (drawing/design tool) managed by Kaelan (CTO) and Veljko.

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Location: Remote

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Mention when you apply so they know you're a genuine candidate.