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Replicate is hiring a Machine learning engineer

You're a machine learning engineer who is an expert at productionizing and optimizing models.

We have a huge library of community-contributed machine learning models. You'll maintain some of the most popular ones so they're fast and reliable.

It'll involve implementing open-source models, optimizing them, and doing general maintenance on them. It's part ML engineer, part open-source gardener.

We're looking for the right person, not just someone who checks boxes, so you don't need to satisfy all of these things. But, you might have some of these qualities:

  • A balance of software engineering and machine learning skills.
  • You can squeeze every last drop of performance out of a GPU.
  • You've worked with model compression techniques like pruning and distillation.
  • You know your way out of CUDA error: device-side assert triggered.
  • Ideally you're involved in the generative AI community and familiar with diffusion models and similar techniques.
  • You don't need a PhD or know how to build new architectures from scratch.
  • Excellent communication skills. We think most of being a programmer is not programming. We want you to be able to communicate complex topics clearly, write down your thinking, write good docs, etc.

We're a kind, creative, hard-working bunch. We care about our work and our users. We're all here to do the best work of our careers. We're looking for the same in the people we work with.

We ship like there's no tomorrow. But, we don't ship crap. We optimize for speed and quality, but cut scope.

When starting this company, we thought: instead of getting a job at the best place to work, let's make that best place to work. We want to move fast and push each other, but in an inclusive, supportive environment. We want to work with the sharpest people, but not those who have ego about it. And, we just want to have fun while we're at it. You'll help us make that place.

You can be located anywhere. We have a beautiful office in Berkeley, CA where some of us work, but we operate as a remote-first company across American and European timezones.

We want our team to feel invested in what we're building. We pay market salary, but well-above market equity, along with all the usual things. (We're European so you'll get really good healthcare.)

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Location: Remote

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